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david bewertete am 06.04.15 den "Schüleraustausch USA" mit international Experience e.V.

Geprüfte Bewertung - Schueleraustausch.Net I can just say, that I didn't have the best year of...

I can just say, that I didn't have the best year of my life, like most people that I heard of before, which is because I have a awesome life in germany, but I learned a lot, not just speaking fluently english, I made unforgettable memories, found a second family and friends for life and really enjoyed the time.

I was prepared very well, especially the orientation helped a lot.

They took care of me very well in Minnesota, and before in germany, but in the month in georgia my coordinator just failed and she shoudn't be a coordinator and that costs 2 stars.

My LC was my neighbor and treated me like her own child, my german coordinator asked a lot how I'm doing and even the highest person of the organization was there for me, when I had a problem.

My host family was caring, nice, and just treated me like a real family member, not that it was that important to me but they also paid for a lot. I coudn't imagine a more lovely host mum, who did so much more for me than I could ask for.

The students were very nice to me and are a good community in general, and also the teachers were very nice and gave me good oppertunities, one star is missing because the school rules were to tight in certain points.

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