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Jannis bewertete am 21.05.15 den "Schüleraustausch USA" mit international Experience e.V.

Geprüfte Bewertung - Schueleraustausch.Net In my year in the U.S. I experienced a lot and I ha...

In my year in the U.S. I experienced a lot and I had a wonderful time. One of my favorite things was the trip to New York and I was finally able to see all the things you usually only see in movies. The trip to one of the biggest amusement park around was one of my favorite things too. But also things like the meets with my cross country and track team were a lot if fun and i found some really good friends in the team. A lot of people tried to make my stay as enjoyable as possible and i had an incredible year here.

I got prepared really good before I started my trip in the united states. They made sure that we know all the things we need to start our year here as easy as possible and the best informed. I'm really happy with the way they prepared us.

IE took really good care of me before and during my stay here.

It was really easy to contact a official person belonging to IE and it was really easy to talk to them.

I could not dream of a better host family. My host family did a lot for me and I found a second home in the united states.

The school was good the teachers took really good care of all exchange students and made sure they catch up with the language.

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