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Lisa bewertete am 25.06.15 den "Schüleraustausch USA" mit international Experience e.V.

Geprüfte Bewertung - Schueleraustausch.Net My school was big, which is good if you like action...

My school was big, which is good if you like action but I never got to know everybody. We were at football games, soccer games, basketball games and a lot more! It was a lot of fun to meet with friends and to dance at the football games! I have a great relationship with my host family! They took me with them to an award ceremony of the US Airforce in Washington D.C. and they took me to New York State and NYC. It was beautiful! They also took me to New Mexico. We have a great relationship and I don't regret anything of it.
They will visit me this year in Germany and everybody is really excited!
It was the best thing that I ever did!

I wasn't afraid of anything, because they took all my fears and prepared me for the worst cases.

My coordinators filled out everything really fast and I had no problems with their work at all.

First I didn't had a local coordinator, which is the main reason, why I don't give 5 stars. But everybody tried their best to get me a coordinator. After 5 months I got my coordinator and she was great! I could've got a better one!

I love my host family! The organization did a great job in finding the perfect family. They took care of me and they are now my 2nd family!

My school was very big with more than 2000 students but they took care of everything and the people were great too! I will really miss them.

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