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Isabella bewertete am 04.07.19 den "Schüleraustausch Kanada" mit Do it! Sprachreisen

Geprüfte Bewertung - Schueleraustausch.Net I wish I didn't have to leave...

I don't know how to summarize my experience in Canada in a paragraph only... I could probably write a book about everything amazing that has happened over the past ten months of my stay in Canada.

First of al I'm glad that I came with Do It! as it is an amazing organization which helped me to fulfill my dream of an exchange year. I felt really prepared before coming here and meeting other people who are also going on an exchange, maybe even to the same city, takes a lot of your fear away and gets you super excited.

I've grown so much over the past year. My English improved so much especially speaking the language all day helps a lot. I'm so grateful for my Canadian best friends they thought me so much without even noticing and not only improved my English but also made me a better person. Canada is a country which welcomes everyone no matter where you're from, who you're are, or what you believe in. And yes it's true Canadians do say sorry a lot. The Canadian high school experience was awesome! At first I wasn't convinced that their school system was better than ours, obviously it's more fun as you can choose your subjects and the classes feel more relaxed. But after a while I realized that their school system really is better. The connection with the teachers is different, they have a community, all the sports they offer help you make amazing friends, they use percentages to grade you which makes your marks so much more clear than just number from 1 to 6. I wish I could stay in Canada my suitcases are packed I'm leaving tomorrow I said goodbye to almost all my friends but I know that I'm coming back I need to, I'm Canadian now.

My host family was amazing, the food was always good and I got along with them very well. I had a Spanish host sister and in the beginning I was so glad to have her I didn't have any Canadian friends back then and it was nice not to walk around school alone. I love the relationship I have built with her, we are not friends we are sister. We may be so different and would have never talked to each other if we wouldn't have lived in the same house but I'm so grateful to have her.

Here are some tips you've probably heard before but it's true it helps

-don't be shy, talk to people! I know you've probably just arrived in Canada and it's a different language and you are afraid to make mistakes but no one will judge you. Just do it you will regret it later that you wastes your time here by being worried

-choose courses you can't take in Germany, it's an awesome experience, and if you don't like a course change it right away the teacher won't be mad at you for switching don't worry

Thank you Do It! for this amazing experience I'm never going to forget this and the beautiful people I've met!!

My flight is tomorrow and I don't know how to feel... I already miss my Canadian friends and my Canadian high school but I am also super excited to see my parents and friends again. But I don't think I am ready to speak German I got used to English and honestly it sounds so much better than German. Don't be surprised if I come back and go to university in Canada...

Oh , and yes the Canadian winter is cold but you will survive it don't worry!

(I'm sorry if I was supposed to write this in German but it sounds better to talk about my Canadian experiences in English)

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